6 Fun Winter Sports for Fitness Streak

Winter is that time of year when you feel the least motivated about your health and fitness. It is so hard to get out of your cozy blanket and workout instead of enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate in bed. It has always been difficult to be in shape when it comes to winters. But here we are with some recreational ways to keep you in shape and physically fit in a fun way:

man skiing 6 Fun Winter Sports for Fitness Streak health and fitness hacks

6- Skiing 

Skiing is a fun sport that is good for keeping your body in shape. It definitely burns calories and helps you maintain your desired weight. It is also a good cardiovascular exercise as it involves the working of the heart and lungs. It is better to walk up the slope rather than using the ski lift as it can compensate for the leg’s workout. Sliding over the snow while maintaining your balance and posture strengthens your lower body muscles.

4- Snow Boarding

Snowboarding originally came from skateboarding. In winter when everything is covered with snow, snowboarding can be a fun sport to play. Regarding fitness, snowboarding is a great opportunity to strengthen your body muscles. Snowboarding being an aerobic exercise offers an intense cardio workout. It involves maintaining balance, it can help burn up to 450 calories per hour. What’s better than snowboarding and losing weight simultaneously!

3- Snow Basketball

Snow basketball is a sport that promotes a healthy lifestyle in a fun way. Playing basketball is itself a great workout. It allows you to lose tons of calories. Basketball builds endurance, improves balance and body coordination. Jogging up and down the court builds bone strength. Shooting for the hoop boosts arm muscle power. Sports like snow basketball keeps both mind and body healthy.

2- Speed Skating

In winters, we can enjoy the delight of skating over a frozen lake. In speed skating, you compete with your fellow friends and enjoy the sport to its fullest. There are many types of speed skating i.e short track speed skating, long track speed skating, and marathon speed skating. From a fitness point of view, skating increases muscle tone. It strengthens the lower body muscles and improves balance. In fact, roller skating can be as beneficial as jogging.

1- Snow Tracking

Tracking has always been a great form of workout. You burn calories as you walk up the hill. What’s better than a sport that is a source of leg and thigh workout? While snow tracking in winters is a fantastic vacation idea. The miraculously beautiful sights of nature bring you eternal peace and the physical activity keeps you in shape. You explore nature’s jaw-dropping beauty along with gaining a fit and healthy body. Snow tracking is an adventurous way of seeking a fit body.

All these sports are all fun and games. Moreover, they give your body the exercise and workout it needs during winter without you realizing it. So, instead of stressing over your workout schedule in winter with the peril of catching a cold. Enjoy these sports for recreation and fitness.

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